treatments iconPowdertech Surface Science is at the forefront of modern lightweight alloy material coating and bonding pre-treatment technology. We specialise in applying bespoke coating formulations to magnesium and aluminium alloys for the most demanding of applications.
Our expertise is gained through decades of development at the cutting edge of our industry in providing and often exceeding customer and environmental requirements.

treatments iconWhen used to build new cars and aircraft, aluminium reduces the total carbon emissions associated with climate change. It’s also infinitely recyclable, with nearly 75 percent of all aluminium produced since 1888 still in use today.
Powdertech Surface Science is at the forefront of modern aluminium pre-treatment and powder coatings technology and we offer the following processes, all applied by automatic application.
Gardobond X4707 eleven stage chrome free pre-treatment system for aluminium prior to powder coating.
Gardobond X4591 ten stage chrome free pre-treatment system for the preparation of aluminium components for adhesive bonding.
Gardobond A4917 phosphate pre-treatment system for use on aluminium and steel components prior to a powder coating, for internal use only.
Powder coating – an extensive range of high quality polyester, epoxy or hybrid powder coatings are available in a variety of finishes and gloss levels. We have two fully automatic fast-clean down powder coating lines and using our considerable experience can either match an existing product to your requirement or develop a bespoke powder to your specification.

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Powdertech Surface Science has over a decade of experience in processing Magnesium for its automotive and aerospace clients and can offer the following processes, all applied by automatic application:
Titanium zirconium, eleven stage, chrome free pre-treatment system and powder top coat for a wide range of magnesium alloys including; AM50 and AM60. Magnesium is used extensively in the automotive industry with several manufacturers using die-cast magnesium as part of their lightweight structural chassis. Typical uses include front end carriers (FEC), grille opening reinforcements (GOR) and rear lift gates. This allows OEMs to reduce weight in a market where emission targets need to be met.
Gardobond X4729 eleven stage chrome free pre-treatment system for aerospace-approved magnesium alloys to class L (with powder top coat) or class S (no top coat) specification. The process is also known as Ardrox 1769.

treatments iconThe other business in the Powdertech Group operates from Corby, Northamptonshire in a 22,000 square foot purpose built factory. They differ from the Bicester business by specialising in applying coatings for Architectural metalwork, including PowerGalv coating for galvanised steel, Powdertech Wood Finish (PWF) for metals, Plascoat thermoplastic and Powdertech Anomatch.

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