Titanium ZirconiumPowdertech Surface Science has been using the latest Gardobond chrome-free pre-treatment systems for over a decade. We provide automotive clients with a cost effective Titanium Zirconium coating preparation to aluminium components prior to adhesive bonding. We have extensive experience with this technology and offer advice to clients on a project by project basis.
Conversion coatings provide corrosion protection and adhesion to the subsequently applied powder coating or adhesive system.

Syntha PulvinAs an approved Syntha Pulvin architectural powder coater, Powdertech Surface Science specialises in applying the Syntha Pulvin polyester coating range to aluminium components and can offer up to 40-year guarantees on external projects.
Syntha Pulvin is available in a comprehensive variety of finishes, including gloss, satin, matt, metallic, pearlescent and texture, all with full architectural specification.

KeronitePowdertech Surface Science has worked in partnership with Keronite® for over ten years. The patented Keronite® process uses Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) to transform the surface of light alloy aluminium and magnesium into a dense, hard ceramic with outstanding resistance to corrosion and wear.
Powdertech has the largest fully automatic Keronite® line in the world, which is currently used to process premium aluminium wheels for the cycle industry.
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PowdercoatingPowdertech Surface Science has a long and successful history in providing high quality powder coating services to a variety of industries. We can provide colours to suit all requirements along with varying levels of gloss. Specialist finishes are also available, such as anti-bacterial coatings, metallic finishes, clear lacquers and textured finishes. We can also develop powders for specific applications. We use the latest automatic spray equipment to ensure a consistent finish.

PowderBondPowdertech Surface Science recognised the need for a dissimilar material joining technology and secured a £1.3 million grant under the EU Framework 7 funding for a 24 month project.
PowderBond has developed a novel and innovative production process that has allowed on demand contact curing at low temperature, eliminating the need for an intensive oven cure adhesive, benefiting the end-user with a lower manufacturing carbon footprint and potential fuel savings through selection of lighter materials.
Project partners include: Jaguar Land Rover, JCB, Prodrive, Valspar, Da Lio, Resoltech, PRA, Fraunhofer and SMW Engineering.

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