As the most visibly accessible representation of an airline to its customers, aerospace interiors require a particularly high-quality finish, consistent across components and durable in application. We are particularly proud of our reputation in this sector, exemplified by our work in developing and applying two new powders for upper class seating on the Virgin Atlantic A330. As the sole coating partner in the project we were trusted to engage with several component machining companies to coordinate the finishing of over thirty different seating components.  

Magnesium alloys

Magnesium has recently been approved by the FAA for use in aircraft interior applications. Powdertech Surface Science has considerable experience in processing magnesium and has developed a range of treatments and coatings developed for use with FAA approved magnesium alloys. Using Gardobond X4729 we meet Class S and Class L specifications and have a range of powders with a finish performance to satisfy the exacting standards of aerospace primes.


Other sectors