400,000 Magnesium FECs

Powdertech Surface Science Ltd, experts in lightweight material processing, has blazoned into 2018 by coating its four-hundred-thousandth magnesium front-end-carrier for Volvo cars. The FECs are coated in a bespoke textural polyester powder coating, designed, by Powdertech, for magnesium.

Powdertech pioneered a process of coating the intricate, finely cast magnesium parts in a powder with ‘anti-gassing’ properties. The formulation of the powder allows the release of any gases trapped in the casting during the coating process. This ensures that the powder coated surface is intact, providing the maximum degree of corrosion protection on cast parts.

The textured appearance of the coating was designed to meet an aesthetic requirement for all under-bonnet components to have a homogenous appearance, irrespective of the substrate material.

“We thrive on developing the best processes and materials for coating and bonding light weight materials,” said James Grant, Director, Powdertech. “And our expertise in working with magnesium is a competence we are particularly proud of.”

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