PowderBond - At Thermoplastic Composites 2018, BPF House, London, October 4th. 

Demonstrated as a proven technology in the Ariel Hipercar project, Powdertech’s innovative adhesive-free bonding process, PowderBond, is creating a great deal of interest in the industry. Powdertech Surface Science Technical Consultant, Dr. Nick Welton, will be presenting details of the process and how it was used in the Ariel Hipercar project,  at Thermoplastic Composites on October 4th 2018 in London.

PowderBond offers significant advantages to anyone bonding plastics to metal. Not only are there clear business benefits arising from absence of adhesive in the process, but the resulting bond between the metal and the plastic proves to be stronger than that using traditional methods. 

“PowderBond is at the fore-front of material surface technology “ said Dr Welton, “At Powdertech Surface Science we strive to use the inherent surface properties of materials to improve manufacturing processes in all aspects – swifter production, less wastage, less energy consumption and improved quality of product."

The conference showcases the latest technical advances in thermoplastic composites and is a joint Composites UK and British Plastics Federation event. 

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