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Critical joining knowledge


Titanic, Belfast on March 21st 2019 - JOINING OF COMPOSITES CONFERENCE . Don’t miss a highly instructive, educational showcase for recent international developments in composite joining. Powdertech Surface Science will be presenting PowderBond, our new technique for bonding composite to metal without the need for a separate adhesive.

Fourteen short presentations from key players in the field will ensure that you are thoroughly updated on the latest in composite joining.

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Powdertech and magnesium go back a long way

Magnesium is 33% lighter than aluminium, 60% lighter than titanium and 75% lighter than steel with excellent elongation and ductility properties. Industry observers anticipate a resurgence in its use through the 21st Century as it has great benefits to offer as a structural material.  

A lot of the demand is emerging from automobile and aerospace manufacturers who are increasingly shifting towards magnesium-alloys to reduce vehicle and aircraft weights and meet growing fuel-efficiency demands. There is an abundant supply - magnesium is 4th most common element in the Earth (after iron, oxygen and silicon) and it is 100% recyclable.

Corrosion resistance is critical and die cast magnesium components can be powder coated or e-coated. Powdertech Surface Science has been powder coating magnesium for over ten years, operating all large automotive OEM approved magnesium chrome-free pre-treatment systems. For aerospace-approved magnesium alloys to class L (with top coat) or class S (no top coat) specification we use Gardobond X4729 eleven-stage chrome-free pre-treatment.


Powder coating this year - maybe PowderBond next year?

Many congratulations to Oxford Brookes Racing - the top UK team at FSUK 2018, and a well-deserved second place on the Silverstone Circuit in July. We were delighted to offer our powder coating services and wish the team continuing success. If adhesive-free bonding of lightweight metals and composite materials is an option for Frankie’s successor we’d be happy to discuss Powderbond.