Powder Coating Processes - Aluminium

Powdertech Surface Science is at the forefront of modern pre-treatment and powder coating technologies.

We were the first powder coater in the UK to offer automated chrome-free pre-treatment, successfully using this process since 2001. Our plant uses the latest automatic powder coating spray equipment to ensure a consistent, high performance finish.

We pre-treat and coat your metal to an exceptionally high standard. And we go beyond that - our expertise extends to developing new pre-treatments and powder coatings for unique applications. 

We powder coat items from the very smallest through to large extrusions and fabrications up to 4m in length. 

Bulk projects, one-off assignments and anything in between are easily accommodated in our flexible plant. 


Working with companies specialising in aluminium was our foundation, recognising that the versatility, recyclability and abundance of this metal makes it the top material of choice across the manufacturing domain.

We only use high perfomance coatings.

We are an approved Syntha Pulvin applicator. 

Typical items coated include: automotive parts, medical trunking, aircraft interiors, light fittings

Pre-treatment for Aluminium

Your project is processed by one of two large automated pre-treatment lines. Treatments we use are: 

  • Gardobond X4707 ten-stage chrome-free pre-treatment.

  • Gardobond A4917 phosphate pre-treatment (can also be used in steel).