Powder Coating Processes - Magnesium 

Powdertech Surface Science is at the forefront of modern pre-treatment and powder coating technologies.

We were the first powder coater in the UK to offer automated chrome-free pre-treatment, successfully using this process since 2001. Our plant uses the latest automatic powder coating spray equipment to ensure a consistent, high performance finish.

We pre-treat and coat your metal to an exceptionally high standard. And we go beyond that - our expertise extends to developing new pre-treatments and powder coatings for unique applications. 

We powder coat items from the very smallest through to large extrusions and fabrications up to 4m in length. 

Bulk projects, one-off assignments and anything in between are easily accommodated in our flexible plant. 


We have over a decade of experience in processing magnesium, used extensively in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Several manufacturers use die-cast magnesium within their light-weight structures. This enables them to reduce weight yet further, important in a market with strict emission targets. 

Typical items coated include: front end carriers (FECs), grille opening reinforcements (GOR), rear lift gates

Pre-treatment for Magnesium 

We operate all large automotive OEM approved magnesium chrome-free pre-treatment systems.

Gardobond X4729 eleven-stage chrome-free pre-treatment (also known as Ardrox 1769) is used for aerospace-approved magnesium alloys to class L (with top coat) or class S (no top coat) specification.