Powdertech has developed an innovative process for bonding light weight metals to composite materials without using adhesives. The process, called PowderBond™, is single stage, placing coated metal into a mould together with the composite and enabling the two materials to strongly bond together during the standard composite forming cycle.

The Benefits

The Process

The PowderBond process

proven technology

PowderBond was first demonstrated in the Ariel Hipercar project, on show in September 2017. The chassis was designed and built by STALCOM automotive technologies. 

PowderBondPP is available now, for bonding polypropylene to aluminium.  We are currently working on PowderBondPA for polyamide bonding. Please contact us to discuss your metal-to-composite requirements. 

Powdertech’s development work was part of SOLMAC a project funded by Innovate UK and the Niche Vehicle Network.


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